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Personal Service Company
To enable you to write a contract to the Limited Company; under your Contractor’s instruction we can provide a Limited Liability Company in a name of their choosing within 24 hours.
We will also provide the company information to set up the company bank account to be controlled by the Contractor within 24 hours.
We will arrange the PAYE Scheme and VAT registration for the company.
Monthly fee £81 + VAT (£77.76 after tax)

Using BHBS Services
Your contractors could increase their rate by an effective £0.57* per hour

*(Based upon 38 hour week and compared with other Accountancy Service Providers)

Umbrella Company
To enable you to write a contract to the Umbrella Company; the company details, bank account and VAT details are immediately available.
Weekly cost £17 + VAT (£11.22 after tax & NI)
No fee when not working

Typical Net Payment Examples:
PAYE Contract (direct to agency) £464.85     BHBS Umbrella £521.75     BHBS Personal Service Company £650.39

We welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you have, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01625 528 608